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About Firstway

Welcome your enquire together with 3D file or samples.

The Firstway Plastic Moulding Factory specializes in producing injection molded products for both overseas and domestic markets.

We offer a complete range of services from design and prototyping to mold finishing. Our products find extensive applications in industries such as automotive, home appliances, healthcare, communications, industrial electronics, and toys. Furthermore, we provide plastic molding molds, die-casting molds, casting molds, powder metallurgy molds, rubber molds, and other related products.

Our factory is located at Dongguan China, that equipped with complete facilities such as Computer Graphic Design System, EDM, CNC Wire-cut machines etc. Meanwhile, we employ with technical skillful workers that can provide high quality services and products to all customers.

We sincerely hope to build up long term business cooperation with your esteemed company.

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Workplace & Machine

Mold Manufacturing Workshop

CNC Machining Workshop

Metal Parts Production Workshop

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Precision Grinding

The machine tool uses grinding tools to perform grinding processing on the surface of the workpiece. The imported Okamoto grinder can achieve a machining precision of up to 0.005mm.

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Spark machine

These machines employ the special processing method of electrical erosion, utilizing pulses between two poles submerged in working fluid. This erosion process removes conductive materials. The precision of EDM spark erosion machining can reach 0.01mm.

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Wire cutting

These machines utilize a moving metal wire electrode and apply pulsed current between the wire and the workpiece. Through the erosive action of pulse discharges, the workpieces are cut and processed. The processing precision of the wire cutting machines can achieve 0.005mm.

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CNC Machining Center​

These machines consist of mechanical equipment and numerical control systems. They are used for efficiently automating the processing of complex-shaped workpieces. The precision of CNC machining reaches up to 0.005mm.